Roof Repairs Germiston

Roof Repairs Germiston. We are experts in Roof Repairs and Waterproofing.

At HMC Roofing Germiston we specialise in Residential and Commercial Roof Repairs and Waterproofing. We only use the best quality materials and skilled artisans working under supervision.

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    HMC Roofing is a top rated Roof Repairs & Waterproofing Contractor in Germiston

    A secure roof in Germiston is a sound investment.  The correct waterproofing plays a crucial role in PROTECTING the life of buildings.  There is no alternative to quality products, efficient workmanship and a contractor you can trust.  We offer a process which is designed to stop water before it has a change to enter the structure and cause damage.  Different surfaces and structures requires particular types of waterproofing systems.  Let our team of professionals provide you with an evaluation and address your waterproofing needs..

    Types of Roofs we Repair and Waterproof Germiston

    Tiled Roof Repairs

    Tiled Roof Repairs

    Replacing cement, professional repairs and correctly applied waterproofing will eliminate leaks. Re-point cracked and loose ridge tile cement. Clean Valleys and flashing and waterproof where necessary

    Concrete Roofs

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    Concrete roofs absorb water like a sponge, therefore the surfaces needs to be waterproofed and regular maintenance is a necessity. A torch on system is used and an aluminium coating for protection from the sun.


    Metal Roofs

    Roof Repairs Bedfordview

    Its important to make sure your iron roof is in good condition, free of rust and all screws must be intact. All side laps and screws will be waterproofed with a membrane system to ensure no future damage or leaks

    We care about you and your roof

    Your roof will experience natural wear and tear over the course of the years. By keeping up on the roof repair requirements of your home, you can prevent a damaged roof from causing structural problems throughout your property.

    Water leaks can cause extensive damage to your home if allowed to continue for any length of time. We offer repairs to leaking roofs and can assure you that after we repaired your roof the leaks will be a thing of the past.

    Roof Repairs is necessary and will increase the lifespan of your roof. We offer long lasting roof repairs and guarantee all our work.

    Roof Repairs Bedfordview

    Roof Repairs Germiston

    We provide a long term solution to specific roofing needs by using genuine products according to the manufacturers specifications, no shortcuts. 

    Competitive Prices:  We do quality and supervised work at competitive prices.

    Quality Products: To ensure a Job well done

    Transparent: We are honest and open with clients.


    Roof Painting / Coatings Germiston

    Looking after your roof is an important part of home maintenance.  We will keep your roof intact by adding a roof coating to preserve the lifespan of your roof in Germiston.  HMC Roofs offers expert roof painting services, from galvanized roof sheets to tiled roof painting.  Roof painting is a time consuming and highly complicated service that requires expert workmans, dedication and the best roof coating products. It is also an expensive exercise and it is important to do it right so it lasts a long time.  Our team of painters guarantee a streamlined service with long lasting results.

    Tiled Roof Painting

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    Painting a roof depends a lot on the preparation of the roof.  We clean, repair, replace broken and chipped tiles and waterproof the roof if necessary, before we start painting the roof with a quality roof paint.

    Concrete Roofs

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    Flat concrete roofs are waterproofed with Torch on waterproofing system.  This system must be maintained.  Laps must be fused by means of heat fusion and painted with UV resistant silver roof paint.  It needs to be maintained every 2 years.

    Metal Roofs Painting

    Roof Painting Kempton Park

    We clean the roof, remove all flaking paint, treat all rust affection sections and secure / replace all roof screws and waterproof screws and overlaps.  We apply 2 coats of primer and paint the roof with 2 coats of UV resistant Roof Paint.

    Common Places for a roof to leak

    Roof leaks in Germiston are common but can lead to many serious problems.  It can damage the entire structure of the building, can give rise to molds and mildew which can further more damage the roof.  Most people forget that a roof is a hugely organic structure that has a life span, thus requiring carpentry, sheeting, tiling combined with waterproofing.  Roofs need to breath and are barriers between us and everything including storms, dust, extreme temperature etc


    Roof Repairs Bedfordview

    Parapet Walls






    More about us

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    At HMC Roofs Germiston we believe in supplying honest and quality workmanship, giving our customers assurance that they are in the best hands that the roofing industry can offer. 

    Among our employees, we have worked with every type of roofing material and project out there.  We offer an affordable, long lasting and weather resistant roofing solution for Commercial and Residential Clients.

    We will provide you with the assurance and guarantee that your problems will be solved in the best possible way.


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