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Roof Painting Ravensklip Painting is vital to maintaining your property. Apart from the obvious visual benefits, painting is important to keep your property in top condition and to prevent damages.

At HMC Roofing Ravensklip we specialise in Residential and Commercial Roof Painting. We only use the best quality materials and skilled artisans working under supervision.

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    A well-maintained roof is a reflection of a safe, protected home.  A neglected roof, on the other hand, is not just an unsightly feature but also a sign that you may have trouble in your home in the future, if not already.

    What is the benefit of roof painting?

    Several benefits can be attributed to painting a roof:

    From adding curb appeal to a property, providing energy saving depending on the coating used, and the peace of mind in knowing that the roof in in tip-top conditions.

    Having a roof painted extends the lifespan of a roof and you can arrange to have the coating renewed as and when required to keep up the condition for years ahead.

    Besides increasing the roof life, these reflective coatings can also lower the heat absorption of the home. It was reported that painting a roof can significantly reduce the energy consumption of a home or business. 

    Roof Painting Ravensklip - an Overview

    Roof painting can best be explained as a liquid coating given to roofs. This liquid (Paint) acts as a membranous coat which offers the roof added protection and safety, and also gives it a new lease to life. 

    Although it may seem simplistic, the process of roof painting has several components and steps involved. Roof painting is only the final product that goes onto your roof.

    Analysis of the roof and its condition, cleaning, repairing, priming and painting are some of the elements involved in giving roofs a complete overhaul.  When executed on new structures, good roof paint can help keep the structure well protected and in good shape for much longer

    What happens if you dont paint your roof?

    If you don’t paint your roof, your roof will have trouble “staying healthy.” Without this paint, you’re exposing the base material of your roof to the elements, which can damage it or cause it to wear down faster.

    Because of this, you may have to repair your roof much sooner than normal.

    But that’s only the start of the problem. If you aren’t careful, the damages can get out of hand quick. Your roof can get passed the point of saving in a few short years.

    This means you’ll have to replace your entire roof instead of making a few simple repairs. And this isn’t cheap.

    It’s always a better idea, both for your home and your wallet, to paint your roof and repaint it when needed.


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    Steps to Roof Painting in Ravensklip

    Roof paint is the last of the applications to the your roof. It merely seals all other coats and provides a final finish to the roof. It is important to follow certain step when undertaking roof maintenance to ensure you have a long term solution for your home or office in Benoni

    1. Cleaning

    This step entails purging the roof of all dirt and debris, moss, and other growths that may have developed. This step is critical in ensuring a smooth, easy application of roof paint and other products. A thorough cleaning can also help ascertain the presence of cracks or other problems.

    2. Repairing

    At this stage, cracks in the roof, broken ridges, and other issues are addressed. Any metal components present are checked carefully for weathering, rusting, or presence of moisture. At this stage, it is ideal to use a fungicide for added reinforcement to the roof paint. 

    3. Painting

    The surface is now finally ready for a fresh coat of roof paint. While your consultant will advise you on the best choice, weatherproof roof paint can help protect your roof and terrace for much longer. The material and finish of the roof will, however, dictate the kind of paint that is ideal.

    Products we use at HMC Roofs Ravensklip

    Plascon Nu Roof Cool

    Product Description: A Premium quality UV-resistant water based acrylic roof coating with infrared reflective technology with a minimum total solar reflectance of 30%.

    Intended Uses: An extremely durable, weather resistant coating for use on cementitious and galvanised roofs.

    Product and Product HandlingHMC roofs shall provide all materials, labor, hand tools, equipment (including safety equipment) and supervision necessary to prepare and complete a project. Paint will be delivered on site in unopened containers which bears the manufacturer name and product description.

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