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Painting Contractors Edenvale

Painting Contractors Edenvale for all your Residential, Commercial and Industrial Painting Requirements.  We offer effective, reliable and high quality painting and waterproofing services.  Our services include Project Management,  Damp proofing, waterproofing, plastering and all aspects of interior, exterior and roof painting. With a team of highly experienced painters, we deliver exceptional painting services.

HMC Works is a top rated Painting Contractor in Edenvale
*** since 2008 ***

Do you need the services on a professional painting contractor? The HMC Painting team in Edenvale is the one to call. We look after every aspect of your painting project, from the color consultation and preparation to the final clean up. 

Our goal is to achieve the best results, in the best time, and bring your home, office, school or business premises to its potential.

Painting Contractors Edenvale
Exterior Painting Edenvale
Roof Painting Edenvale
Painting Contractors Edenvale
Interior Painting Edenvale

Why choose HMC works for you next painting Project?

As a professional painting contractor operating in Edenvale, we strive to offer the full spectrum of Painting Solutions.  Why hire multiple companies when you can hire us for all your home improvement and office renovation requirements.  We deliver service with a smile and guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Fully Qualified Painters

Color Consulation

Written Quotations

Best Service guaranteed

Respect for our clients home

A clean organised job site

Proper Preparation of all surfaces

We only use quality paid


HMC works is a PROFESSIONAL painting contractor services in Edenvale.  We have hands on experience and knowledge of exactly what it takes to deliver a professional and on-time painting project.  Interior, Exterior and Roof Painting Projects for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Clients. Our team of skilled painters will transform your property from the inside out.  We look at every aspect of you painting project, from choosing the correct color to prep work to the final clean up.  

Interior Painting Edenvale

The paintwork is one of the most fundamental aspects of a room.  If we care about appearance, then paintwork is something we want to get right. 

Good interior paintwork, the right colour, applied with the right technique, can completely transform a room.

We will help you every step of the way – from choosing the colours to repairing cracks and providing that professional finishing touch.

Exterior Painting Edenvale

Have the exterior walls of your home / office / complex lost their charm? If the answer is YES, then it is time to consider hiring an expert and repaint the exterior walls.  

We at HMC works Edenvale are a renowned and experienced company which you can depend on for full reliability and punctuality. We have the experience and skills to bring your home, office or business building to its potential with immaculate paintwork

Roof Painting Edenvale

Roof painting is a specialist job that requires high pressure cleaning and perhaps some repairs. But painting can greatly extend the life of your roof, and significantly improve its appearance. Paint provides protection from the harsh Sun, protection from mould, and helps keep the interior temperature more stable.

Roof Painting requires professional skills. We have the experience and technique to give the best results.

Why is prep work IMPORTANT?

The secret of a good painting project is most of the work is done before the top coat is applied.  The main reason for surface preparation, or prep work, is important is because paint can’t adhere to unprepared surfaces.  Paint will peel, crack, bubble up, and flake because it is not sticking to the surface.  

Time and money will be wasted if the surface is not properly prepared.  Paint will not last as long as it should, so another entire paint job will be needed to fix the problem.

Surface preparation is time-consuming work and there are crucial steps in preparing the surface before any paint can be applied

Our Suppliers in Edenvale

HMC works is a medium size professional residential and commercial painting contractors who enjoys the baking of some of the leading suppliers in South AFrica


Wall & All

Micatex Plascon


Nu Roof Cool

No matter what your project in Edenvale entails, we provide turn-key solutions for any size project and have professional teams to provide you with the service you deserve. Our service combines reliability, quality workmanship and value for money. Our aim is to achieve an ongoing business relationship through continuous high standards of work together with a sensible pricing policy.

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Painting Contractors Edenvale

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Painting Contractors Edenvale

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Due to the nature of our business we might not always be able to answer your call immediately. Please feel free to send us an on-line quote request or a whatts app to 0711751836

Email is the best way of communication.  We typically answer all emails with 2 hours. 

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    Edenvale Painting Contractors

    Looking for the best painting contractors Edenvale has to offer?  Look no further that HMC Painting Contractors.  We are a well established and experienced painting services.  We provide Interior, Exterior and Roof Painting of high quality to Homes, Offices, School, Churches etc in Edenvale .  Our professional Painting services look after every aspect of you painting project.  

    We have always had on goal – to provide excellence in all we do.  We are punctual, and when we agree on a job and a time we stick by it.  All of us here at HMC works Edenvale are dedicated to providing the highest quality cleaning.

    Best local painting company is Edenvale .  We also offer home improvements and office renovation service.