Waterproof & Repair a Metal Roof




People prefer to use different type of roofing material depending on their need, budget and choice. Steel roofing is the most preferred among all, however often the steel roofing looks like it is in perfect condition and the roofing is left unchecked. To avoid having to replace the roofing it must be checked at regular intervals. When you find the problem in its initial stage before it gets bigger, the repair will still be a possibility. The repair will cost you much less compared to replacement.
There are many different products on the market. We only use quality waterproofing products. We believe in using the correct product for the job at hand.

We repair and waterproof metal roofs by doing the following:

Replace loose roof screws

Secure loose side laps & overlaps

Waterproof screws, lap joints & flashings.


Corrugated Steel Roofs

Corrugated steel is used for a traditional roof covering. It easy to handle and is structurally strong and long-lasting. When considering different types of metal roofing materials there are many options available. If you're trying to maximize strength you're definitely going to be interested in corrugated metal roofing. Corrugating is the process of putting periodic bends into a sheet of metal roofing material in order to strengthen it.


IBR Steel Roofs

IBR sheeting comes with deep and wide flutes, allowing optimal length for excellent drainage. The abbreviation “IBR” stands for inverted box rib. IBR steel is available in both standard and custom dimensions, so you can get any size depending on your needs. The metal sheets are suitable for use as a roof covering in commercial and industrial construction.